We are building a future centered in environmental justice and climate equity for communities in Michigan.

The Challenge

Michigan has traditionally been known for its blue-collar workers creating the engine for our democracy.

Yet an influx of conservative money, fiscal austerity, and right-wing political power in the local and state electoral arena has resulted in abusive policies such as unequal uses of the state’s emergency management law, the privatization of public goods, the deregulation of toxic facilities, and massive disinvestment in our communities.

Our Plan

MEJC Action! plans to establish a pipeline of leaders at every level and across the state that centers the values of equity and justice.

We demand elected leaders and candidates who will do whatever it takes to prevent, forestall, and stop right-wing backed agendas that bailout billionaires and fossil fuel magnets.

We will promote and advance candidates who stand with environmental justice communities, Tribal communities, farmers, farm workers, school teachers, frontline care workers, and all of those hardest hit by racism, climate change, economic disinvestment, and other systems of oppression.

Our Values

Climate Justice

Climate change cannot be reduced to carbon dioxide. We must acknowledge that the current ecological crisis is the result of relentless exploitation of human and non-human nature. We advocate for a future based on Just Transition principles that will ensure that the next generation survives and thrives in Michigan.

Our Values

Environmental Justice

We seek to dismantle the systems that oppress Black, Indigenous, People of Color and working class communities in Michigan with toxic pollution and other environmental burdens. For too long, our communities have been left out of critical policy and decision-making processes that affect our futures.

Our Values

Social Justice

Climate and environmental issues do not exist in a vacuum. To solve the current crisis, we advocate for redistribution of wealth, economic justice, union wages, universal healthcare, affordable housing, police abolition, free college education, immigrant rights, and LGBTQ+ and gender rights. We want leadership that is accountable to people not corporations.

The fight for a Just Transition in Michigan starts with you!

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